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welcome to my site

 This is my little corner of the web, whatever interests me goes straight to  here. I am a coder, editor, filmmaker, and learning guitarist. I take passion  in web graphics as well as the late 90s early 2000s web genre. Feel free  to check out my YouTube channel for some of my content.

    say no to corp
quote NOAGARDEN - "modern social networks are where creativity, nuance and empathy go to die! you can't do anything interesting with them beyond begging people to reblog/retweet/retoot/like/share the next random wall of text!"

"social media is bad for artists, writers and so many other types of creators! NOAGARDEN exists so that i can have a space that is completely my own, away from that mess."

I agree with them which is why I created this section of my page. I wish that eventually corporate internet will no longer be popular and that people will go back to the old way the internet once was. Neocities also supports this cause, which is why I use it as a way to build my own site.

this site is happily hosted by Neocities

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where to find me. . .

  I don't use social medias much, but I do use apps like email, tumblr, etc. Below is linked all the places you can find me.

last update: 2/21/23 Happily hosted on Neocities since November 28th, 2022 @philia995
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           to-do list

   ☐  finish like 5 other pages
   ☑  redo webmaster page
   ☑  finish ren honjo shrine
   ☑  finish new home page

                                 update log

⚬   finished new webmaster page 3/3
⚬   finished ren honjo shrine 2/25
⚬   new home page 2/20
⚬   new website layout 1/31
⚬   finished about_me page 1/31
⚬   finished cloud strife shrine 1/27
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