Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife is a beautifully written character, as well as the MC of Final Fantasy VII. I discovered him through things like Deviant Art, my cousins, and other media at the time. I have loved Cloud Strife for 9 years (ongoing) and started to dedicate my life to him since my early teenage years. He, and his game, are a very, very, special interest of mine. Most of the time taking up weeks of my time and money, as well as the majority of my family knowing my love for him.

A major thing that really got me into loving Cloud was the 2005 movie "FFVII: Advent Children". Which is to this day still one of my favorite movies of all time.
♱ Cloud Strife is seen in a plethora of media within Square Enix & other companies. Some of my favorites are FFVII Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, & Mobius Final Fantasy.
♱ He will always be my favorite character out of every media, not just a favorite but more than that. Cloud Strife is described as quiet, awkward, avoidant, lonely, etc. He battles with many things, including PTSD and Geostigma later on in FFVIIAD. Cloud puts on a 'tough guy' persona around others, while being softer deep down; in the first game, he is presented as a cocky and headstrong merc, when really he's like an awkward teenage boy, in that way I related to him at first. I will continue to dedicate my life and time to Cloud Strife, as he has made a very positive impact on my mental health.