Philia's resources
Sites I used for graphics
sozaiya405   They distribute material images and original fonts for websites, blogs, newsletters, flyers, etc.

sozaioukoku   Very good material site with tons of graphics & wallpapers. (Only in Japanese)
Hoarder's pile/y2k   A very fun and colorful website filled with blinkies, buttons, stamps, & teddies.

prima donna   Adoptable site for all sorts of fandoms. Adoptables include dolls, anime, sailormoon, video games, books, movies, music, television, and more.

shishka   Anime-themed site with plenty of graphics such as banners, stamps, buttons, blinkies, and adoptables.

betty's graphics   The largest hand-curated graphics archive on Neocities, with categories such as animals, backgrounds, characters and people, food, holidays, objects, plants, gadgets, etc.
pixelbank   A large graphics site with dividers, blinkies, emotes, text, frames, and more. Originally a carrd known as
bonnibel's graphic collection   My favorite site to use, over 20 categories and hundreds of graphics. Mostly normal graphics & gifs but a few blinkies and such sprinkled about. I used this site a lot in the making of my index.
gifcities   Site for older 90's/2000's graphics. Thousands upon thousands of graphics all controlled by a search.
omochya house   Not a graphics site but a personal site featuring cute adoptions and sozai.

Carrds & Rentries
rentry/resources   A rentry directory filled with carrds, tumblr blogs, neocities pages, & other rentries to find. Each link has their own graphics so you're certain to find anything using it. I use this rentry a lot when looking for new graphics.   A site dedicated to resources for web design, it's a smaller site but they have some unique graphics; as well as fonts, codes, & more links. is the first new-wave resource carrd, with graphics such as pixels (tiny, small, medium, xl), fonts, tips, bgs and codes for beginners.   A simple collection of graphics. Pixels, buttons, stamps, dividers, and png/gifs

Image editing & creating
picmix   Picmix is the same as blingee, you can make blingees using its many features and it's one of my favorites for personal use.
blinkies cafe   You can make your own blinkies with many different styles and fonts to choose from.
picasion   Make your own glitter text. It's simple and doesn't have many options but cute :)
lunapic   Every single tool you'll ever need for photo editing/graphic creating. Very useful and one of my favorites